take morning coffee

adjust A/C when leaving

bring books, class today

get petrol right away

umbrella, rain forecast

customer entering shop

visitor entering office

patient in waiting room

someone tried front door

opened kitchen window

medicine cabinet opened

These simple questions, oft asked and too often replied in the negative, seemed like a solvable problem to a group of motivated entrepreneurs who decided to use a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon to trigger an app on the moblie phone as a way of creating a just in time (JIT) reminder. They named this new system”atendit”.

The atendit system (Sensor and App) once created gave rise to many uses beyond a simple reminder. Today it can be used for any reminder that is best issued as the user is leaving the house, apartment or office, as well as for inside reminders like when the Sensor is mounted on the refrigerator door with encouraging reminders like “you’ve had enough to eat!”

Reminders led to notices like for a shopkeeper who wants to know when a customer comes in the front or back door while he or she might be working in their office on the books or counting inventory.

New uses like as an at home security system, where an alert is issued between 11:00 PM amd 7:00AM when someone tries to open a door, are being thought of by users all the time.